May. 12th, 2017

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  1.  Getting ready to transition jobs is challenging when paperwork disappears. Spent most of the day yesterday fixing that problem.
  2.  Working on cleaning my room ( that a whole different post )
  3.  Repetitive dialog with coworkers is kinda old news.
  4.  Preparing for the hardest day of the year on Sunday at the current job.
  5.  Trying to get uniforms for the 17th
( I would love to source the artist on this picture.  Currently working on it, and will update with proper credit as soon as I can find it.)
This pretty much describes how I am feeling right now, crossroads will come on the first day of the new job.. Right now its all the weaving of things into place at the moment. 

In other-words thinking about the countdown has done me no good, so my focus has been on getting ready for the change that is almost like putting on a old hat.  I worked in the senior community under another aspect before, and that has brought up those thoughts and feelings.  Perhaps this is a part of the healing process for me, to let go of those misconceptions and grow into my own again.  The last bit has been about that grief feeling for what does all these years mean in one place.  Every time I get to a layer another layer keeps coming up.   Not sure how I am going to honor that time in my life yet.


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