May. 2nd, 2017

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It was a good day, those were good healing tears that i shed, but it was a rough day.  There were some really powerful self realizations that hit me from the weekend this was taken from.  That  face painting was done by a new friend, that helped me process some of what was going on. It comes up today as I am learning how to work with dreamwidth and dealing with job hunting.

There's a thought after a decade in the job I currently have, with this being the start of year two in its second incarnation.  9 years at the spa, 1 year and 4 months as a prep cook. There have been really good lessons, but honestly can say it now.  I have had enough.  Do I regret the time I have spent here, no. Those were nessary lessons that were needed. As this chapter is wrapping up there may be time to write more about it, and how its effected me.

I need to speak about those lessons, even if its in a mad rambling to myself for a while.  Honestly things are a little scary when your preparing to do a leap again like I am. Finishing my associates was a  good start, but finding a place to land thats the trick.  Trying to stay strong and do it.

baby steps.
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Do I JUMP? At work and that is the question of the day. The biggest pro is its something new, a chance to streach and see if i can soar. The chance at consistent hours, for slightly more pay.

The reminders to do due dilgence, to weigh both options with care. No matter how much i want to get out of the lifestyle. Working nights, never seeing people i love. Always living in a heighten sense of fear when getting off the clock at the early hours of the day.

Some fun huh. I am still scared. Its new and different.


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